Автар пользователя STROY LUX
Страна: Казахстан
Регион: Казахстан
Город: Атбасар
Интересы: Dear Sirs. My name is Kamal Naser , My company called Story lux, based in Kazakhstan city Almaty, We have 3 offices in three cities , One office in Astana which is the capital city of Kazakhstan With a warehouse 3000 square meter Second office in a City called Chimkent with a warehouse 2000 Square meter And the third office in Almaty with warehouse 1500 square meter We are a trading company which we are selling food products as sweet milk and dry milk and we are producing a special packaging for supermarkets and restaurant we have a very good relationships with a lot of supermarkets and Hotels and restaurant , we are very interesting to work with your products as it is a very known products and very high quality products, we already saw you products in Russia the Sea BASS which come throw Arti seafood Humburg , but your products is not in our market and I think in Kazakhstan we can do a very good business and we can distribute your range products all over, We would like to know what kind of conditions to Work with you directly, Best regards General Director : Kamal Naser
Пол: Мужской
Аватар пользователя STROY LUX
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